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Are You Getting Found by The Right Recruiters?

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No matter how you look at it, getting found by the right recruiter at the right time can help you advance your career in ways you never thought possible. Now more than ever, we as recruiters have incredible tools for…

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13 Things You Should Never Say on Your First Day at Work

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What you say during your first day on the job can mean the difference between a lasting relationship with your new employer or a dash in the pan for your career. “If you say something that’s off, it sets the…

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It’s Time to Think Outside the Box


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U.S. chief technology officer Todd Park is stepping down (updated)


Updated (8:11 p.m. PST): Updated with confirmation of Park’s departure via an independent source that spoke with VentureBeat. If there’s one thing most folks in the tech industry can agree on, it’s that there aren’t nearly enough technology-minded individuals helping…

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The Pros and Cons of Sassy Job Titles

Social Media Ninja. Email Marketing Guru. Director of First Impressions. If you’re involved in the job search right now, chances are you’ve come across at least a couple of these unusual job listings. With recruiters and employers pulling out all the…

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Look Before You Accept!


The market is on a tear in the LA area and you are on your third or fourth interview in the past few weeks. The calls keep coming in and opportunities abound, but you have a good job and want…

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Having High-Tech Gadgets Is a Career-Booster, Says Study

Always using the latest high-tech gadget is one way to boost your image at work, new research suggests. Indeed, business professionals who want to be perceived as leaders should be investing in the latest technology breakthroughs, according to a study…

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Thirty Year Anniversary Message


April 14th 1984… The United States Postal Service. That’s what was used 30 years ago. It wasn’t even called snail mail then because it was the only mail. That and the telephone were the two forms of communication; this was…

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Thinking of Accepting a Counter Offer? Don’t!


Making a career change is a nerve-racking experience that not only affects you but also all those around you. For this reason, both recruiting advisors and hiring managers try make this as convenient and easy a transition as possible. If…

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5 Ways to Make Employers Fall in Love With You

It’s Valentine’s Day; who doesn’t want to be madly in love? And I’m not just talking about your relationship with that special someone, but your employer (or desired employer). It may sound creepy, but think about it: What job seeker…

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