Provided Services

The client engages TCI to conduct a senior level technical staff search. TCI is paid a retainer to initiate search services on an exclusive basis. The balance of the fee is paid as candidates are identified, interviewed, and hired by the client.

The client engages TCI to locate, interview, and hire an appropriate applicant. TCI’s placement fee is then calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s first year’s annual compensation and is invoiced when the candidate starts work with the client.

TCI also offers its clients temporary technical services by placing one or more contractors in their offices on an hourly basis. TCI’s consultants (or contractors) are usually W-2 employees of TCI. We pay the employer’s share of their payroll taxes and provide them with health insurance. We also offer them the opportunity to participate in TCI’s 401(k) plan.

Clients are billed on a bi-weekly basis for the hours approved and work completed based on a signed timesheet. All TCI consultant work is covered by professional errors and omissions insurance.

Contract-to-hire is a common and popular variation of the consulting approach to recruiting. In this case, the client initially hires technical staff on a consulting basis and later may decide to hire the consultant as a permanent employee. Depending on the length of time the consultant has been on billing, TCI will discount the placement fee to the client.

Our clients may have their own contractors or employees that they do not want to payroll themselves. TCI will hire these contractors as employees and contract them back to the client at a reduced rate.