• Helen MacKinnon

    President of Technical Connections, Helen has more years than she’d like to say in the computer industry. Prior to forming Technical Connections in 1984, she had been counseling and placing computer professionals since 1981.

    Helen has an extensive management and technical background. She was Director of Applications Development and Director of Software Support for a computer vendor. Earlier positions include Manager at TRW; Management Consultant for companies in America and Europe; and Programmer for both Advanced Computer Techniques and IBM. For fun, Helen likes to travel (been to all 7 continents), read, exercise and proof resumes.

    Helen holds an M.B.A. in Finance and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Her undergraduate degree is in Mathematics.

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  • Scott MacKinnon

    Chief Executive Officer, Scott focuses on assisting the greater Los Angeles tech community in building relationships with top-tier talent and assisting that talent in establishing career focused connections with a variety of LA based clients. Companies supported encompass creative, unstructured environments as well as corporate arenas. Scott has strong organizational and management skills while still maintaining excellent creative vision. He provides total infrastructure and operations support at TCI and makes sure we are never down. He joined TCI in 2008.

    Scott is a self-proclaimed (and obvious) gadget accumulator and all round tinkerer with a strong belief that if you love technology, it will love you back.

    Scott has a BA degree in English from Lafayette College.

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  • Russell Wolf

    Director of Strategic Development, Russ has over 15 years of experience in delivering effective staffing and software development solutions for the Information Technology industry throughout California. He has been an individual contributor and has led teams in business development, recruiting and project solutions using local and international resources. Russ joined TCI in 2011.

    Russ’ successful career has been the result of building relationships with clients, candidates, and colleagues alike, with a focus on truly understanding the needs and goals of those he serves. Russ is a dedicated family man who enjoys being with his wife, daughter and two dogs in Huntington Beach; he takes weekend rides on his motorcycle, plays golf and is an avid baseball fan.

    Russ holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications & Film from California State University, Northridge.

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  • Cindi Feig

    Cindi has over 20 years of experience in the staffing and technology industries. She began her career as an Information Technology Consultant with Andersen Consulting and then moved into line management. Cindi then made the transition into the Information Technology staffing field, responsible for business development activities for several large Los Angeles-based clients, and managed the Sales team within her firm. As Branch Manager for the Los Angeles office of a public, international staffing firm, Cindi led a successful and profitable division.

    Cindi has a B.A. in Business Economics and Communication Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. She is married and has two sons. She and her husband enjoy tennis and bike riding in their spare time. Cindi joined TCI in 2004.

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  • Jennifer Carlson

    Jen has been recruiting Information Technology professionals on both a permanent and contract basis since 1997 and joined TCI in 2005. She has recruited in both the Southern California and Boston markets.

    Jen enjoys recruiting because she values making a positive impact on people’s lives by finding the best opportunity for each individual. She strives to provide her clients with the best possible customer service. When she is not recruiting, she enjoys hiking and skiing, traveling, and spending time with her husband, her daughter, and her golden retriever.

    She holds a B.S. from San Diego State University.

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  • Lynn Bailey

    Lynn has been recruiting since 2002 and in Information Technology since 2004. She joined TCI in 2011. Lynn supports a variety of clients in entertainment, financial services, marketing, and healthcare. Her passion is helping people identify job opportunities that best suit their needs and creating solid long term relationships while doing it. (And her second greatest passion is — shoes.)

    Lynn was born and raised in Los Angeles. She loves to spend time with her family including bike riding and going to the beach with her son.

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  • Christine Myers

    Christine has 2 years’ recruiting experience with over 5 years of customer service and account managing. She loves connecting talented people with some of the biggest and most revolutionary companies in the market. Believing that each individual has a unique story and skill set, Christine likes to truly connect with people and understand what their passions are. Recruiting is a unique challenge that allows her to be resourceful and think outside of the box.

    When she is not working, Christine spends time decompressing — trying out new recipes, tackling puzzles, trying out new food (and Yelp-ing about it), attending concerts, hiking at Griffith Observatory, and managing her puppy’s Instagram!

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  • Barbara Meadows

    Barbara grew up in Ventura County, lived in London after college, and traveled extensively prior to settling on the Westside. She has over 15 years of sales experience, building great relationships and making connections. She is interested in a wide range of industries and technologies, and matching the best people to each project, with outstanding customer service.

    Barbara has a B.A. in English, History and French from UCSB. She has a daughter named Bella, and enjoys photography, travel, the great outdoors, live music and trying new restaurants.

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  • Mary Schneider

    Mary brings over 20 years of recruiting experience to the team and recently transitioned from being an in-house recruiter. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mary began her recruiting career in NYC working for a boutique staffing agency in the heart of Chelsea. After a cross country trip to California, Mary knew that eventually, she would find her way back. And in 2007, she was hired at Fox Interactive Media and relocated to Los Angeles. Since, Mary has held a variety of positions within the digital marketing, entertainment, software, brand marketing, and advertising industries.

    Mary brings a diverse portfolio of candidates ranging from technical, creative, client services, and operations. Mary leverages her network to not only discover the most desirable places to work in LA, but to also find the best candidates to do the job.

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  • Garry Fields

    With over 15 years’ exclusive experience as an IT Recruiter, Garry has learned that evaluating candidates and making matches based on the chemistry question is as important as the overall technology skill-set in creating successful hires. As in most cases, 70% of the hire is not based on how well a person can do a particular job, but rather, it is based on how well a candidate fits into that particular environment.

    With proven techniques in matching and evaluating the chemistry question, Garry brings a needed blend of experience to the role of IT Recruiter. His overall career success is directly attributed to effectively meeting these important criteria in each of his recruiting commitments.

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  • Margeaux Dupuy

    Originally from Dallas, Texas, Margeaux made her way to the East Coast by playing basketball in college, where she also studied Biology and Art. Margeaux loves the pace of recruiting and finds working with people on some of the biggest decisions they make in life – their job, where they work, and who they work with – to be particularly rewarding. In her free time, Margeaux enjoys painting and sculpting and is a volunteer with #HashtagLunchbag, a movement through non-profit organization Living Through Giving, with ongoing projects in Los Angeles.

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