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Optimization creates room for Innovation

New eBay Metrics Help Save Millions in Data Center Costs

As part of its Digital Service Efficiency effort to reduce power consumption in its data centers, eBay slightly changed some of its software code so that the code would require less memory. Less memory meant more operations could be performed on the same server over a given amount of time.  The end result? eBay cut its power consumption by about a megawatt and took 400 servers out of its data centers, saving some $2 million in equipment costs….http://tinyurl.com/amradlx

Preemptive Google Glass Ban (only in Seattle)

The Banning of Google Glass Begins (And They Aren’t Even Available Yet)

A Seattle bar has declared that ‘Google Glass’ (aka Google Glasses)–not yet available to the public–are banned “in advance” from the establishment.  Seattle’s 5 Point Cafe posted a message to their Facebook….http://tinyurl.com/bcjmmuj

How much Data does a Super Bowl eat… A LOT!

AT&T Data Use Explodes At The Super Bowl

We’ve all been there. You are at a crowded event, taking pictures with your smartphone and trying to share them on Facebook or Twitter but the damn photo just won’t upload. The data network you are using is clogged because too many people are trying to do the exact same thing you are: making phone calls, sending texts, uploading pictures and streaming video… http://ow.ly/hrCgn


Cool…but claustrophobia may be too intense in these awesome mini tech apartments.

New York City unveils its vision for micro-apartments under 400 sq. ft.

New York City today announced the winner of its competition to design micro-apartments, between 250 and 370 square feet, intended to address a shortage of housing stock for single New Yorkers.


Okay Microsoft, I’ll admit it…this is pretty darn cool…I want my MePhone…as in, my hand is the phone.

Meet Microsoft, the world’s best kept R&D secret

As far as 99.9 percent of the world population is concerned, Microsoft is a stodgy, old-guard technology company. Its bottom line is fully leveraged against PC operating systems and business software—hardly the building blocks of a future-thinking portfolio, right?…


I want my computer screen contact lens!

THE END OF SMARTPHONES: Here’s A Computer Screen On A Contact Lens
Over in Belgium, scientists have finally taken a crucial step toward building screens into contact lenses.  Jelle De Smet and a team of researchers at Ghent University built an LCD screen in a curved contact lens.  To do it, they had to come up with new kinds of “conductive polymers” – and mold them into “a very thin, spherically-curved substrate [surface] with active layers.”…