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AT&T will own the biggest chunk of airwaves out there…and they keep growing!

Here’s how AT&T will try to avoid choking on the iPhones of tomorrow

The phone in your pocket relies on airwaves to push bytes back and forth. The problem is, many say we’re running out of airwaves. The FCC thinks so. Carriers do, too. If you’ve ever been unable to tweet from Times Square…


I want my computer screen contact lens!

THE END OF SMARTPHONES: Here’s A Computer Screen On A Contact Lens
Over in Belgium, scientists have finally taken a crucial step toward building screens into contact lenses.  Jelle De Smet and a team of researchers at Ghent University built an LCD screen in a curved contact lens.  To do it, they had to come up with new kinds of “conductive polymers” – and mold them into “a very thin, spherically-curved substrate [surface] with active layers.”…