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It really does come down to these three questions…

Acing the Only Three True Job Interview Questions
Acing your response to an interview question requires pivoting off your basic answer to reinforce your strengths, motivation or fit…


Resume murder via the cloud?

The Cloud Will Kill The Resume, And That’s a Good Thing

I was recently going through an old banker’s box that I packed up years ago while I was cleaning out my office. There was a Palm Pilot, a mini cassette recorder, and even a stack of floppy disks. It was like a time capsule of obsolete technology. All I needed were a few Polaroid pictures and a beeper to make my time…


The not-so secret world of talent poaching in Silicon Valley…now it’s just a free for all!

The Secret Emails Behind Silicon Valley’s Poaching Wars

Before a 2010 Justice Department settlement barring the practice, Silicon Valley’s biggest companies — and its biggest executives — used to handle their poaching problems with patent lawsuit threats, according to these juicy emails made public by a recent court filing


You’re having nightmares about your current job?…uh might be time to check the open market.

10 Signs That It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Is your current job leaving you feeling blue?

Even the best jobs have the chance to turn into something you no longer yearn for. Some say all good things must come to an end, but in the case of a bad job, it’s best not to put off your departure…


It’s time to get your head out of the sand and see what’s out there!

Recovery Sign: More People Are Quitting Their Jobs…

December had the fewest layoffs since the government began tracking the data in 2000. Also, the most people quit their jobs during the month since June 2008, another sign that job growth and consumer confidence may start to pick up steam this year.

“These points go against the popular notion that the economy ground to a halt while DC negotiated the Fiscal Cliff late last year..


Start-Up Visas! + if you got your education here you should be able to work and contribute in the U.S.

Can Obama’s immigration reform stop Silicon Valley’s brain drain?

Francisco Sáez arrived in Silicon Valley last January. He had just dropped out of college and, like many 21-year-old app developers, the Chilean national was teeming with ambition — wide-eyed and ready to pursue his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur…