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11 Tips for Negotiating Your Next Job Offer

Don’t shy away from negotiating elements of the job offer that are important to you. You never know what the outcome will be unless you ask. But let’s be clear about something; negotiating cannot begin until there is a job offer on the table. READ MORE

How to Nail Every Type of Interview

Technology has undoubtedly changed the format of the job search. We send emails as cover letters, format tweets as resumes, and “connect” to potential employers through whatever online service will work. But once job seekers get those employers’ attention, they face the most important part of the process: the interview.

The basic goals of all interviews are the same — impress the interviewer, show that you would be a good fit for the company, and find out if the job is right for you. Interviewees, though, don’t get to choose the format of the interview and may find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. There are a growing number of types of interviews that job seekers might encounter, and each requires different techniques for success. READ MORE

7 Questions Great Candidates Ask

At the end of the interview when you, the interviewer, ask the candidate, “Do you have any questions for us?” it’s often hard to know what to expect. Will the candidate ask a couple of superficial questions just to be polite, or will he or she ask deep, probing questions?

If a candidate appears to be simply going through the motions at this point, this is often a sign of a candidate who is not fully engaged with your brand and the hiring process. On the other hand, a candidate who probes and asks questions of substance is a more engaged candidate. The person is trying to form a picture of your business to see if it is the right cultural fit, job fit, technical fit and career fit for him or her. This more discerning approach is likely to be taken by the best candidates. But, what questions are these more engaged candidates likely to ask and how should you respond? READ MORE

Interviewing at its most basic form…

These 3 little words mean so much…

3 Words That Create Instant Credibility

Being a know-it-all is a great way to make people question your common sense.  When it comes to credibility-building, the three most powerful words in the English language are: “I don’t know.”...READ MORE

It really does come down to these three questions…

Acing the Only Three True Job Interview Questions
Acing your response to an interview question requires pivoting off your basic answer to reinforce your strengths, motivation or fit…