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Spring Clean Your Resume!

So you’ve cleaned your closet, maybe your inbox, and you’re feeling pretty good about your spring cleaning. But before you wash your hands and congratulate yourself — pull out your resume, and take a look at it (whether or not you’re looking for a job right now).

You see, your resume is a lot like a closet. At least once a year, it needs a good cleaning. That includes taking a look at what you’ve got and determining what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to emphasize. Then, after all the unwanted items are cleaned out, you can add in new information to create a resume that’s current, relevant, and appealing. Just like your closet, if you don’t clean and update it regularly, it’s only going to be worse later. … READ MORE

Resume murder via the cloud?

The Cloud Will Kill The Resume, And That’s a Good Thing

I was recently going through an old banker’s box that I packed up years ago while I was cleaning out my office. There was a Palm Pilot, a mini cassette recorder, and even a stack of floppy disks. It was like a time capsule of obsolete technology. All I needed were a few Polaroid pictures and a beeper to make my time…