Hiring the Best and the Brightest For the Long Term

The current technology marketplace for talent is unique and challenging, not to mention frustrating, for many organizations. While candidates continue to consider a number of job offers, I talk to employers every day who are growing increasingly frustrated at their inability to hire key talent. There are a lot of reasons that factor into this but one of the biggest is the companies themselves.

Given today’s talent marketplace, many companies are being far too selective in the candidates they are seeking. I am not suggesting that companies should not strive to hire top talent – quite the contrary. But I am suggesting that companies are missing out on great talent because a candidate may not have a certain skill or two, or may not have the depth of knowledge or experience in a particular area that they want. But at some point in their careers, neither did anyone else on their staff. Furthermore, the people doing interviews these days are usually technical professionals themselves, and no one has ever taught them how to interview a prospective employee.

How do companies fix this? By continuing to look at candidates who have many or most of the technical qualifications required but, even more importantly, possess the right attitude, aptitude, work ethic and passion for their trade. Companies should be focusing on candidates who are willing to learn and are great team players, who are loyal, dependable and trustworthy. These are the skills that no one can teach. When I hire, I always look for people who possess these skills, because the rest of it can be taught.

There is also the issue of ramp up time, and companies wanting an immediate return on their investment in top technical talent. But in business, time and time again it has been proven that if you hire the right people, the return on your investment will come. Maybe not as fast as the company had hoped, but the return will ultimately be bigger because of the talented and loyal staff that you have built.

All this is not to say that companies will be flooded with resumes if technical expectations are eased. But with a slight shift in the thinking about “who” you want to hire, and subsequently in how you screen and what you screen for, companies will have access to a bigger pool of very talented professionals.

My colleagues and I welcome every opportunity to have this conversation with our clients. We enjoy sitting down with HR, members of the technical team and executives alike to explore this philosophy further, and would be happy to do so with you. Please feel free to contact me directly to talk about how we can help your organization fill the roles critical to the successful realization of your business goals.

Russell Wolf is the Director of Strategic Development at Technical Connections, and has over 16 years of experience in delivering effective staffing and software development solutions for the Information Technology industry throughout California. He has been an individual contributor and has led teams in business development, recruiting and project solutions using local and international resources. You can reach Russ at (310) 479-8830, rwolf@tci-la.com or on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/russellmwolf

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2 responses to “Hiring the Best and the Brightest For the Long Term”

  1. Lizanne Chance says:

    Nice article!

  2. Robert Redding says:

    Agree in so many ways. You will probably never find the perfect fit regarding skills and knowledge, however, those things can be developed, Character is key to a good associate, then knowledge and skills. I would rather hire an associate that has a good positive work ethic, willing to learn and develop the additional skills needed to do the job, than to wait for that perfect someone to appear.

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