How to Successfully Work With a Recruiter

As a Recruiter, my first priority is representing great candidates in an honest and ethical manner. I have heard horror stories of candidates who have worked with bad Recruiters in the past and now say they no longer want to work with any Recruiter ever again. This is a bad decision.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t get burned by a bad Recruiter is to lay out ground rules of how you (the candidate) and the Recruiter will work together. It is like creating your own Best Practices. In other words, what can they expect from you, and what do you expect from them? First impressions do matter.

Honesty is the best policy –Integrity and professionalism is what matters most. Be sure to be upfront and honest at all times. It helps in solidifying your relationship and getting the Recruiter to work hard for you.

Accessibility – Establish up front the best form of contact; it saves time on both ends. Good follow-up is very critical to the speed and urgency of what we do.

Set expectations –What is expected of you and what do you expect from a Recruiter? Ask questions about the market. Your Recruiter should have a pulse on job trends and emerging technologies.

The Process – Know exactly what the Recruiter is going to do with your information. One thing that you definitely do not want to do is go around the Recruiter to the client. It doesn’t show enthusiasm for a job – rather, it shows unprofessionalism and could easily backfire.

Last but not least, the biggest deal breaker in this industry is SURPRISES – Candidates shouldn’t tell the client something different from what they told us and Recruiters should not be misrepresenting candidates’ skills and abilities. This also applies to all the points above from counter offers, vacations, to issues standing in the way, etc.

Being honest, upfront, accessible, with no surprises helps in quickly landing your next role and are the best practices when working with Recruiters. We are here for your benefit and work diligently in presenting you with the best opportunities.

– Shayla Barnhart – Recruiter @ TCI

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