It’s a Small World

One of the biggest life lessons I am attempting to teach my young daughter is that “It’s a Small World”. It seems like a cliché statement, but it’s so true. I recently became friends with someone and over the course of two years we have had a lot of crazy small world connections, ranging from business, to school, to neighbors. I bring this up because of how it translates into our professional life.

As a job applicant you will make a lot of connections that may not matter today, but will in the future. The way you handle yourself can make a great or not so great lasting impression that may carry you through your career. For example, if you are scheduled to attend an interview and decide not to go on the interview, i.e. no-show or are rude to the interviewers, there is a good chance that your paths may cross again. The people you were going to interview with or you met may move to another company and when you are looking for a job in a couple years there is a chance that your resume may cross the desks of one of those people. I can almost guarantee if you were unprofessional, that will be where your resume will end up, on their desk. Another example would be once you accept a position, if you back out afterwards; you will have interviewed with a lot of people and will tarnish your reputation for the future. Like I said, “It’s a Small World.”

You never want to talk poorly about an employer or company as you never know who you are talking to. Recently I was at a non-work party. Several hours later that night I found out that one of the people I was talking to was a Software Engineer who happened to work at one of my clients-he had even interviewed one of my candidates. Fortunately, the discussion was positive.

The key is to treat everyone you come in contact with respectfully; treat them the way you would want to be treated. Do what you say you are going to do, don’t burn bridges. Be kind to everyone from the checker at the market, to your recruiter, your neighbor, the receptionist, your colleagues and manager – you never know where you will end up and how these people will impact your future. After all, “It’s a Small World”.

– Jennifer Carlson – Senior Account Manager @ TCI

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