It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

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As I look at LinkedIn these days, the technical recruiting industry seems to be stumbling over itself. Heavily intermixed between thought provoking articles, professional updates, and high school level brain teasers are a bevy of Technology job postings that are almost as generic as what I have listed above.

In this market the number one rule is that a strong developer is anything but generic. This is one of the main reasons why automated solutions still haven’t been able to crack the human-to-human relationship. Empathy, honesty, creativeness, and fun are hard to synthesize. And while they still try to figure out the AI, we tend to spam in the meantime, setting jobs on a rinse and repeat cycle that clogs the pipe and and is an obvious, last ditch, desperate attempt in finding a unique individual in one of the most non-unique of ways.

It’s time to think outside the box. It’s time to realize that the box is actually a dodecahedron…now step outside of it that and breathe some originality into that job posting. It is someone’s career after all.

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