Senior DevOps Engineer

Location: San Diego, CA

Skills: Linux, DevOps, Scripting, Jenkins, Chef/Puppet, Roadmapping, Websphere OMS

Job Description

Why you want to work here:

  • Working here means being part of fun environment that provides many opportunities for professional development and personal fulfillment.
  • An opportunity to work for a well-respected CIO that Technical Connections has worked with for the past 10 years. He is so respected that several of his staff members follow him wherever he goes.
  • Balanced remote work opportunity to reduce time commuting

What You Will Do

  • Design, deploy, monitor, and automate all operational aspects of the company’s platform.
  • Deploy both offensive and defensive techniques to keep our platform humming.
  • Perform Advanced Server Administration, including configuring, managing, patching (Windows/Linux).
  • Execute Advanced IIS Management.
  • Utilize your awesome Scripting and Systems/Process Automation skills (PowerShell, Python, etc.) for advanced deployments and tools building.
  • Automate the deployment, administration and monitoring of our large-scale Windows & Linux environments.
  • Serve as a technical lead, making technical decisions for the future of the system structure

What Gets You the Job?

  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field or comparable experience
  • 6+ years of experience in Advanced Server Administration
  • Background in large-scale system administration and be familiar with open source technologies, such as Jenkins (continuous integration), Puppet/Chef, MS SQL, Cassandra, NoSQL, Redshift, and MySQL
  • Proven PowerShell ability (must be able do a post-setup script, Administer SQL via PowerShell, Win Forms or activation through HTML)
  • Experience with database systems with an ability to create DB queries and understand/troubleshoot stored procedures
  • Scripting languages (shell scripting, PowerShell, Python, Bash, etc.)
  • DB Skills (MS SQL, Cassandra, MySQL) and HTML/XML/YAML
  • Grasp of advanced web technologies (DNS, HTTP, SSL)
  • Possess Advanced Microsoft SQL Server administration/scripting skills
  • Previous DevOps experience in a Retail environment preferred
  • Large/Global server networks/architecture preferred
  • JIRA, Confluence or similar project management tools preferred
  • BitBucket or similar version control tools preferred

Keywords: Linux, Windows, scripting, APIs, Jenkins

Compensation: $130,000 Per Year

For immediate consideration please click Apply or email resumes to:

Alison Randall

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