Looking for a job, need career advice? Who should you call? Your Recruiter!

When you are sick, you call your doctor; when your tooth aches, you call your dentist; but when you are looking for a job or need some career advice who should you call? Your recruiter! This should be someone you have a strong relationship with built on trust and service. A lot of candidates think that a recruiter just wants to make a quick placement and move on. That is true a great deal of the time, but it’s not always the case: while we do hope to find you a new position, our goal at Technical Connections is to develop a long term supportive relationship with you.

For example, one candidate recently needed career advice. His employer offered him two different internal options, so he came to us to find out which would be the best choice to achieve his career goals. This is someone we placed years ago who trusted us and recognized that our years of industry experience could help him in making the right decision.

Other candidates have gotten in touch with us to help with salary advice, determining what certifications/education would best add value to their careers, dealing with internal issues at work, and more. Additionally, companies hire recruiters to help them find staff as we are able to do the initial screening and save them time. This benefits you because we work directly with the hiring manager and can better prepare you for the interview. And while you negotiate a salary every few years, we do it daily. Recruiters also have a lot of knowledge about the marketplace. We know the reputations of companies so if you are not sure about a company and want some insight, who should you call? Your recruiter!

So, though there are a number of good recruiters out there, the next time you are in a position of needing any sort of career help, contact one of our GREAT recruiters at Technical Connections.

Jennifer Carlson – Senior Account Manager / Recruiter

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