Tips for a Successful Committee or Group Interview

Committee Interview

Panel interviews are a common practice. You will face several members of the company who have a say in whether you are hired. When answering questions from several people, speak directly to the person asking the question; it is not necessary to answer to the group.

In some panel interviews, you may be asked to demonstrate your problem-solving skills. The panel will outline a situation and ask you to formulate a plan that deals with the problem. You don’t have to come up with the ultimate solution. The interviewers are looking for how you apply your knowledge and skills to an applicable situation. They may also be looking to see how you think on your feet, and your problem solving approach.

Group Interview

A group interview is usually designed to uncover the leadership potential of prospective managers and employees who will be dealing with the company as a whole and/or the public. You will be gathered together in an informal, discussion-type interview.

A subject is introduced and the interviewer will start off the discussion. The goal of the group interview is to see how you interact with others and how you use your knowledge and reasoning powers to win others over. If you do well in the group interview, you can expect to be asked back for a more extensive interview.