Technical Connections Turns 25!

Technical Connections Turns 25
It is truly remarkable for all of us that Technical Connections (TCI) has been in the technical recruiting business in Southern California for twenty-five years. Despite recessions, tech booms and busts, and an ever-changing computer industry, we have survived and grown. Statistics show that 75% of all small businesses do not survive beyond ten years. The number of small service companies to still be around after twenty-five years is so infinitesimally small as to not be measurable. We’re proud to be one of them.

A little history:
Helen MacKinnon started Technical Connections in April, 1984 when mainframes were considered to be the height of computer hardware and PCs were eccentric toys for the hobbyists. With a Masters in both Computer Science and Business and an investment of $2,000, Helen took an office in an executive suite in Century City and began to contact friends and colleagues she knew from her technical days at TRW and Jacquard. Soon the business grew so quickly, it required that she hire other people with technical backgrounds and prior recruiting experience to help her support the business.

After five years she recognized the need for more robust business systems to accommodate growth as well as a move to expanded offices of her own. In 1989, Peter MacKinnon, a Canadian Chartered Accountant (and hubby), joined Technical Connections and together they built out new offices in a newly constructed building on Olympic Boulevard in West Los Angeles. They expanded their staff, bought furniture and equipment, and installed the infrastructure they needed to accommodate expansion. Their timing couldn’t have been worse. In 1990 California went into the worst recession in its history that many compared to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

But the economic cycle turned, as it always does, and in the late 1990’s Technical Connections went into the greatest period of success for them and for the technology industry;  the so-called dot com boom. This boom later became a bust but it was fun while it lasted. The company has continued to grow into the twenty-first century despite ups and downs in the marketplace. There are a few good reasons for that.

Treat people well and you will be rewarded by their loyalty
We are most proud of the fact that out of staff of approximately 24 people, a very large proportion has been with us for many of our twenty five years in business. Tim Schwarz, our Director of Recruiting, joined Technical Connections in 1993 and with fifteen years under his belt is our longest serving staff member. Account Managers Celine Bundy, Natt McClain and Janine Davis have been with us for more than ten years as has our Financial Controller, Bernhard Punzet.  Others have been with Technical Connections for over five years. In fact, the turnover at TCI must be one of the lowest in the recruiting industry, if not the entire service industry.

This was not an accident. TCI has always strived to compensate success generously. But even more importantly, all staff are treated as adults. Providing they meet their work commitments, they have great latitude as to their manner of working. In past years we’ve had as many as four simultaneous pregnancies among staff members in the office and we and they smoothly adjusted to the conflicting demands of family and work.

Another reason for our longevity is that we operate to the highest ethical standards, insisting that our applicants and clients be treated fairly and honestly. Our corporate principles are prominent in the reception area of our office as a reminder of our mission and purpose for being in business.

The future
Though the technical placement business is a never-ending roller coaster ride, everyone here at TCI enjoys the unpredictability and the creativity required to support the clients and candidates we serve. Our goal is to see that Technical Connections will still be around in another twenty five years, providing the kind of professional and ethical services to clients and applicants that have kept us in business for the past twenty five.

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