Thirty Year Anniversary Message

April 14th 1984…

The United States Postal Service. That’s what was used 30 years ago. It wasn’t even called snail mail then because it was the only mail. That and the telephone were the two forms of communication; this was before caller id so if you wanted to know who was on the other end of the phone, you had to pick it up. Can you imagine how revolutionary the fax machine was?!?

Those days are long gone. And it has been a thrilling ride, with ups and downs, bumps and grinds, and good times and bad. When TCI was first hatched, technology was so much simpler. There were IBM mainframes, VAXes, AS/400’s and other assorted pieces of hardware. There were COBOL, Assembler, RPG, and a few other esoteric languages. The machine was either 16-bit or 32-bit. And that was it. Fast forward to now – there is no way anyone can know it all or can even come close to knowing a lot of it.

Recruiting today is very different from what it was then. Everything moves much faster and the technology is so elaborate that what is relevant today is obsolete tomorrow. In order to be in tech you have to grow with tech. Having said that, there are many things about this industry that remain the same.

  • Candidates haven’t changed. They want good jobs where they are treated fairly and have interesting work. Good managers know that it’s rarely all about the money and they keep their best employees engaged and motivated.
  • Clients haven’t changed. They want the best candidate for the position with the strongest technical skills and outstanding interpersonal skills. The savviest clients will always take someone who has 50-60% of what they need but who are smart and excited to learn.
  • Recruiters haven’t changed. The good ones are in this for the long haul (30 years would qualify) and know how important it is to partner with the clients and the candidates they support.

So, after 30 years, we continue to prosper but, more importantly, we have an unrivaled vantage point over the ever-changing technological landscape in Southern California. Many of us have been here for more than 5 years and some more than 10. And because we are a 100% employee-owned company, and excellent at what we do, we want you to know that we’ll be around for the next 30 years, and more. We are a family and we are proud to support our community with integrity and professionalism.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you. It has been an honor and a privilege.

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