What Does a Good Resume Look Like?

A resume is not just about jobs that you have held in the past or currently hold but rather it’s a document that represents who you are and your accomplishments throughout your career.

So what makes a resume stick out? There can be several factors such as companies you have worked for, titles you may have held, job stability, etc. But what will really make your resume shine are your accomplishments in these positions. Employers for the most part can tell what you do from your title, but they don’t know how good you might be at your job. I’m not saying don’t list your responsibilities, but talk about some of the accomplishments in short bullet points. Get the employers excited when they see your resume. How are you going to catch their attention if you bore the reader with a generic job description and possibly list some of your accomplishments at the bottom of Page 3? Most prospective employers don’t even get to or read the end of your resume!

So, do you have a special skillset or “in-demand” technologies that you have worked with? Great! Talk about them, don’t just make a list. Employers want to know what you have done with those technologies. Again, in short bullet points, discuss projects that you have worked on and how those certain technologies were utilized. It’s easy to list a bunch of skills on your resume but it doesn’t really mean anything if you haven’t worked with them since college or have only had limited exposure.

Be careful of objectives. You don’t want to limit yourself by posting a very specific objective unless you are absolutely sure that’s what you want. You can either write a general objective or simply take it off your resume. It will give employers and recruiters more of a reason to call you and find out about your background and goals. You don’t want to miss out on an excellent opportunity because you only wanted to target a specific title and/or industry.

Finally, keep it simple. It’s ok if your resume goes over one page and even two but please don’t make it into a biography of your life. Employers and recruiters don’t have the time to go through every single detail. They are not going to care about what you did 15 or 20 years ago or if you are CPR certified or how fast you can type if it’s not relevant. So keep it simple and specific to the types of positions you are targeting, and feel free to use our Resume Generator to get started!

Now, go write a terrific resume. And best of luck with your job search.

Ankit Dogra – Recruiter

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  1. Volunteering is work experience. I just wouldn’t use the standard chronological resume format where you focus on your work history. I would suggest using what is called a functional resume format that focuses on your skill set and not your work history. Below I have sited an example.

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