You Just Gave Notice, Now What?

So you just landed the perfect new job, have given your two-week notice, turned down their counteroffer and need to figure out what to do with yourself at work as you wind down. First of all, it’s very important that you do give proper notice. Professional courtesy requires two weeks, but depending on the project you are working on your employer may need you to give a three-week notice or, if it’s a slower time, sometimes they will only require one.


This is not the time to slack off, come in late, or leave early. These final two weeks will leave a lasting impression with your manager as well as your coworkers. Be sure that you leave your team in a good position, meaning your work is complete, organized and well documented. You don’t want to be “that guy” that they will be talking about who left his fellow employees in the lurch or with sloppy work.


If you are leaving the company because you are unhappy with your manager or other negative reasons, it’s better to keep those things to yourself. You want to remain upbeat and positive during this time.
This is also a great time to get your references in order for the future. At some point you will be looking again so will need references. Be sure to get their personal phone numbers and email addresses, not just their work addresses.


You may have a going away party or lunch so you still want to maintain your professionalism during this occasion. Again you don’t want to be “that guy” who got out of control at his going away party.
The bottom line is these last two weeks are as important as all the other weeks you have worked for this company and you want to be remembered for all the great work you did. As I wrote in a previous blog, “It’s a Small World”, there is a good chance you will cross paths with many of these people again.


Jennifer Carlson, Senior Account Manager at Technical Connections

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